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Egyptian Cross Necklace

Egyptian Cross Necklace

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A stunning piece for your collection. This Egyptian cross necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit. Made from stainless steel with gold plating, it is elegant and timeless. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, this necklace is sure to add a touch of sophistication. It also makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Egyptian Cross Necklace: An ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol called the ankh represents the word "life" and, by extension, life itself. The sign has an oval loop instead of an upper bar in a cross shape.
  • Super sturdy chains: An elegant stainless steel pendant with a strong link.
  • Perfect for any occasion: This Egyptian Cross Necklace is perfect for birthdays, graduations, mothers' days, fathers' days, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, back-to-school or team gifts, and celebrations like communions or christenings.
  • Ideal Gift for Men: This elegant ankh cross pendant necklace is perfect for any occasion and makes a wonderful gift for men.

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